Tara Haynes

Tara Haynes is a talented attorney who specializes in cases of criminal and family law, including everything from simple traffic tickets and juvenile offenses to complex murder and divorce cases throughout the Greater Salt Lake Area.  A graduate of Brigham Young University who received a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Piano Performance, Ms. Haynes went on to attend and graduate from the Brigham Young University Law School.  Even as she was working on her education, she began her legal career working as a clerk for the Criminal Appeals Division of the Utah Attorney General.

Tara has been with the Haynes and Fuelling law firm since the beginning – in fact, she was the founding member of the firm when it was known only as the “Haynes Law Office,” back in 2005.  Since merging her practice into the law office it is today, she has continued to serve as a competent and knowledgeable administrator and lawyer, propelling the law firm and her cases ahead with equal success.  Her understanding of court procedure is unparalleled, and her background working with clerks, bailiffs and judges guarantees cases are handled efficiently.

If you or someone you know has a criminal defense case, a juvenile case or a family law case that needs to be assessed and handled effectively, contact The Law Office of Haynes & Fuelling today and get a free consultation from Attorney Tara Haynes.