Retaining Attorneys: Assurance Insurance

Auto insurance, home insurance, health insurance, life insurance: these are just a few examples of what the typical American will preemptively pay in case of an emergency.  The foregoing are paid begrudgingly but are appreciated when and if they are ever needed.

Noticeably absent from the list above and from the list of the many things that are paid to help one avoid problems or help one solve problems when they arise is that of the advice of an attorney.  There are some large companies that charge premiums for legal insurance; however, in consideration of typical cases handled by local law offices, perhaps a different approach to an important safety measure is in order.

Time and again it has been declared in police officer reports that, “the suspect admitted,” “the suspect volunteered, “the suspect submitted,” or “the suspect allowed.”   Police are trained for and have years of experience in exploiting this sort of evidence – evidence which is often damning to the person being investigated.  The average person, however, is typically too nervous to challenge these officers, and therefore willing to comply with any request made by them during investigation.  Consequently, many cases which might have enjoyed a different – and more positive – outcome, end up with catastrophic results, simply because an attorney was not on hand for consultation prior to police officer investigation.

Consider the following: an officer approaches a person and begins a line of questioning, be it during a traffic stop, a knock at the door or a street encounter.  If that person personally knew and had with them at that time an attorney’s card and an attorney’s phone number, a simple call for advice prior to answering questions or submitting to requests could save that person time, money and even incarceration.

In short, contact and retain an attorney for the express purpose of being available to address and resolve an issue before it explodes into a catastrophe.  Contracting an attorney after an issue arises will invariably complicate the ability of your attorney to defend a case, and keep in mind that a retainer typically remains intact unless used.  Peace of mind when faced with the possibility of criminal charges – something most everyone experiences – is often no more than a phone call away.

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