The Immigration Trump Card

Think what you like about Donald Trump, but the possibility of him becoming the president of the United States is as yet very real.  As of today’s date, he is in a dead heat with his primary opposing candidate, Hillary Clinton. And while all people living in the United States have fears over what might happen, the Hispanic community ought to be taking a hard look at how to prepare for what Trump is threatening.

Thus far, Trump has said, “send criminal aliens home”, “we’re going to build a wall”, “I would be very tough on borders,” and when asked whether he would send 50,000 immigrants back he said, “they’re going to have to go out.”  Trump has also engaged in hate speech to enrage the masses toward undocumented Mexicans by stating “they’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, [and] they’re rapists.”

Understanding the current political climate with respect to undocumented persons, a word of fair warning is approaching the stage of long overdue.  Our office is equipped to do a court search on any person’s criminal record in each court throughout the state of Utah.  Such a search can yield information regarding criminal matters that should be closed, reduced, or expunged.  

Now is certainly the time to resolve criminal matters and prepare for what might become an ugly situation for illegal aliens.  Certainly, it is better to take the initiative now, rather than risk the possibility of being stranded in a federal holding cell, awaiting deportation.

Photo Courtesy of: Stuart

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