Child Custody can be one of the most difficult legal issues to resolve: opposing parties, interests and schedules can make coordination difficult, and the needs of the children can weigh heavily in any child custody case.  With the law weighing in heavily in child custody cases, it is important to retain legal counsel to advise and represent the interests of both the parent and the children involved, and the experienced child custody attorneys at The Law Office of Haynes & Fuelling have what it takes.

Child custody is an important factor in the separation of any couple.  Child support, medical care, parental visitation and tax right-offs can all become an issue in a child custody case.  While some parents might believe they are capable of presenting their case pro se, they leave themselves at significant risk of being exploited by the opposing party in doing so.  The parental visitation plan might be biased in favor of one party over the other, child support might be improperly balanced and medical care costs unfairly imputed.  All of the factors involved can have a significant impact on the interests of the child despite the best intentions, with the child emerging as the losing party in a botched child custody case.

When facing a child custody case, whether it be establishing child custody for the first time or modifying an existing court-order, The Law Office of Haynes & Fuelling can help.  Contact The Law Office of Haynes & Fuelling today for a consultation and we will evaluate your  child custody case and advise you of all your legal options free of charge.  At The Law Office of Haynes & Fuelling, we always put the best interest of our clients and their children first.



Once retained to investigate a new case of family law, The Law Office of Haynes & Fuelling begins by evaluating the case history, if any, of the family law case.  Depending on the progress of the case, a staff meeting is held to determine what steps are to be taken next.  New filings may be executed as soon as 24 hours after being retained, amended documents may be submitted to overcome oversights and private investigators may be unleashed, all according to the needs of a case.  While many family law cases can drag out for long periods of time, The Law Office of Haynes & Fuelling spares no effort in taking the initiative.

While case operations are starting, our family law attorneys make certain that they are in near constant communication with our clients.  Every avenue of communication, from phone calls to text messages, from emails to office meetings, and even off-site consultations are all regularly utilized to ensure that our clients remain aware of the progress of their case.  Case developments are passed along within hours, and we work hard to keep our clients fully informed of case progress, and advised on what steps should be taken next.

Following initial case work - and if the desired results are not immediate - our family law attorneys set about coordinating mediation between the parties.  With a goal of exploring any possible resolution outside of the courtroom (as far as is required by law), we engage the services of only the most affordable, effective and efficient mediators in the State of Utah.  Every avenue is explored, every opposition is addressed, and every possibility exhausted, until either a resolution acceptable to our client is achieved or it is decided the case must be moved on to trial.

Even as procedural matters progress, our office sets about exploring other matters often related to family law cases.  Issues such as unpaid child support, medical costs and visitation violations are addressed, temporary orders secured, and order to show cause hearings held.  Legal costs and punitive damages might be imposed on the violating party, and everything from court fines to jail time might also be imposed, if our client desires.  Further, any matter which cannot be permanently resolved until trial has been completed is addressed in the short-term, and always with our client's best interest in mind.

As trial approaches, we keep our clients well informed of the opposition's progress, if any.  Disclosures and exhibits are examined, weak points in the case strengthened and procedural preparations resolved.  Any sign that the opposition is buckling is immediately exploited, and our client is always informed of any last-minute offer for resolution.  Should the trial go forward, our family law attorneys present an intimidating yet reasonable front, keeping the law on the side of our clients wherever possible.  Concluding the trial in a strong position, our family law attorneys always work to secure legal fees for our clients when called for, and ensure that our clients are well informed of any post-trial options available to them.

The Law Office of Haynes & Fuelling is determined to provide all of our family law clients - inside and outside of the State of Utah - with affordable and effective family law representation.  Armed with an experienced and qualified legal team, our office is prepared for any family law case we are asked to act on.  Contact our office now to receive a free consultation with an experienced attorney.