Possession of controlled substance charges are both frequently incurred and easily escalated.  Generally speaking, possession of a controlled substance is the lesser offense, while possession with the intent to distribute carries the more severe penalties.  The distinction between the two is determined almost strictly by the amount of the controlled substance found on the defendant of the charge.  If the amount is small and only enough for personal use, it is generally charged as simple possession.  If the amount of controlled substance is significant enough to raise suspicions of distribution, then the defendant might be charged with possession with the intent to distribute, regardless of whether or not that was, in fact, the defendant’s intention.

When you retain an attorney to defend yourself against the charge of possession, it is the circumstances regarding the discovery of the controlled substance that should be most closely examined.  In many instances, the officer who makes the ‘discovery,’ acts illegally, and in doing so weakens the case.  At The Law Office of Haynes & Fuelling, we carefully critique the actions of all officers involved in cases against our defendants, and if there are any inconsistencies or constitutional violations found, we exploit them to the utmost benefit of our clients.  Even if the case is strong and no such violations can be found, we are often able to induce the judge into sentencing leniently, with drug treatment programs given rather than jail sentences.

If you have been charged with possession or possession with the intent to distribute, contact The Law Office of Haynes & Fuelling now.

When retained for a new case, our first efforts are directed toward rescheduling the client’s court date to fit the client’s scheduling needs, wherever possible.  Our legal team works hand-in-hand with court clerks across the state, and we can generally secure a new court date within 24 hours.

Once an acceptable date has been set for the hearing, we go to work investigating the prosecution’s case.  Our attorneys tirelessly scrutinize the details of the case, ensuring that the police did not overreact to the situation, that they had reliable witnesses, that no constitutional rights were violated, and so on.  If any weakness exists in the prosecution’s case, we identify them, and when found we use them to minimize the consequences of being charged criminally.

If the prosecution proves unwilling to offer a reasonable agreement - if not dismiss the case outright - we begin to prepare for trial.  Keeping the client informed of each development, we secure expert witnesses, prepare transcripts for evidence, hire private investigators, and more.  Regardless of the difficulties of the case, we present a formidable and informed defense throughout the trial process, up to and including sentencing.

Finally, if a sentence is imposed, we present the clients with all of the options which they still have available to them, from appealing the sentence to a higher court, to clearing the client's records through expungement.  We never consider a case ‘closed,’ until every avenue of defense and recovery have been exhausted.


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