The Bells are Ringing and the Police are Singing!

“Tis the Season!”

-for Utah to throw around approximately $100,000 to add an extra 300 shifts for Highway Patrolman to go fishing for DUI arrests.

-for a citizen in Utah to pay an 89% markup to have a drink of alcohol with family and friends.

-for a citizen to wait hours in a line in an inconvenient location to pay the markup and then act as bait for the troopers trolling for them.

-for the purpose of policing something that causes on average only %16 of deaths on Utah highways.  Ringing in behind speeding, seatbelts, motorcycles, elderly drivers, and distracted/drowsy drivers. (see blog article Jan., 2016)

-and to look forward to a year where the limit will drop from .08 to .05 for no apparent reason.

Having said that.  Do not drive drunk.  If you are unlucky enough to be over that .08 limit and get snagged for a DUI, impaired driving, open container, intoxication, or any other alcohol type offense, though, call us immediately.  As you’ll quickly discover, a lot more than your license will be at stake.

Happy Christmas from H&F – be careful out there!

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