Legitimizing a Lower Legal Limit

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It’s no secret that there have been more than a few eccentric – even downright ridiculous – laws enacted throughout the United States.  From harassing Bigfoot to sleeping in a cheese factory; from wearing whistling underwear to producing bouncing pickles; it doesn’t take much looking to get the impression that lawmaking in this country can be […]

The Holiday DUI Blitz

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  When Germany invaded Poland in September of 1939, they introduced a new mechanized form of warfare known as the blitzkrieg, or lightning war.  Commonly referred to as the “blitz,” it called for the use of overwhelming force and speed against an opponent with the goal of making sweeping gains and quick, decisive victories.  The spirit of this tactic […]

DUI Checkpoints: A Constitutional Question

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Of all the things Utah drivers don’t want to see while they’re on the road – whether they’re sober or not – the big, yellow, DUI checkpoint sign is probably among the most shunned.  Running into one of these DUI checkpoints (officially referred to as ‘administrative traffic checkpoints’), usually means traffic delays, intrusive questioning and, […]