Contemplation on Consultation

A quick Google search for an attorney can turn into hours of reading and comparison.  But, one common notice is listed on most sites “Free Consultation”.

If you have been summoned, subpoened or sued or have been charged with a criminal offense there are many questions that can be answered by a simple free consultation.

An attorney can look at the issues surrounding your case and advise you of the status of your case and how to handle the matter.  Most attorneys can then either be retained to appear as your representative or can refer you to someone who is experienced in your particular type of case.

Most importantly you will have the opportunity to interview each lawyer you contact.  Be sure; before retaining, that the attorney you speak to and with whom you build a relationship of trust will be the attorney appearing in your case.  Too often, after a retainer is paid, a person’s case is handed off to another attorney or multiple attorneys.  Get a feel for your counsel’s office staff, their personality, helpfulness and ability to understand and answer your questions.  There is no better way to choose your representative than to talk to them personally whether by phone or in their office.

Make no mistake.  A legal matter can be life altering.  Finding someone who can guide you through the process and ensure the best possible outcome can be time consuming, but with the aid of the internet and with some research you can definitely retain the best attorney for your particular legal issue.

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