A Registration Complication

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House Bill 265 just passed in Utah doing away with the mandatory requirement to have you car safety tested.  That’s right.  No more safety inspectors telling you that your marker light is out and that it will be $116.95 to have it replaced.  Or, you can do it yourself and drive back in 30 days […]

Legitimizing a Lower Legal Limit

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It’s no secret that there have been more than a few eccentric – even downright ridiculous – laws enacted throughout the United States.  From harassing Bigfoot to sleeping in a cheese factory; from wearing whistling underwear to producing bouncing pickles; it doesn’t take much looking to get the impression that lawmaking in this country can be […]

Proclamation on Probation

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Probation!  A sentencing order many defendants in a criminal case hope for.  An order many judges consider a defendant’s lenient chance to prove oneself.  A curriculum funded by both public and private entities and individuals profiting from such.  The logistical and practicality society requires. When a criminal sentence is handed down, a court may suspend […]

Limiting Litigation

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While taken for granted in this modern age, a significant portion of the western world has a very unique notion concerning the law and the prosecution of criminals, particularly in the United States: that the accused is considered innocent unless proven guilty.  But most people who have been accused of criminal behavior come to understand […]