I Spy With My Little Eye…

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Some call them detectives.  Others call them sleuths.  Still others call them gumshoes, private eyes, beagles, flatfoots or skip tracers.  But whatever else they might be called, here in Utah, they’re simply called private investigators. Whenever lost evidence needs to be found; whenever a forgotten witness needs to be interviewed; whenever a background check needs […]

Policing the Police

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Cory Lee Henderson, Justin Patrick Moses, Mark Daniel Bess, David Shane Anderson, Daniel Bennet Edwards, Danielle Willard, Darrien Hunt, James Barker, Dillon Taylor, Christopher Roskelley – just a few of the people who have been killed by police officers in Utah since 2005, bringing the total so far to 87.  In the wider United States, […]

Provoked Police and Deadly Force

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Police officers have a unique and admittedly difficult job: they are required to maintain the peace and enforce the law, even at the risk of their own lives.  Time and again they find themselves in dangerous situations which require split second, life-or-death decisions.  As admirable as the courage required to face such situations might be, it seems […]